Friday, August 27, 2010

The Best Greek Memories

Well I think I left you all in Santorini didn’t I? The thing with blogging is that when you’re really busy, you just can’t leave to share it. There were rays of sun to catch, bottles of wine to sip, amazing dishes to savour, quaint little villages to explore and stunningly beautiful scenery to bath in. Now that I’m back and almost caught up (are we ever caught up!!) I am reminiscing the best parts and it’s the perfect time to share.

After my rude beginning with bad food and exorbitant prices I wised up – come on, tell me you’ve all been there! Santorini is simply an amazing island. For a winter population of 2,000 it has the most sensational restaurants. Here are my 3 favourites…….

Perivoli, ( Exo Gonia beach. They’re calling it Greek creative cuisine, but I call it nothing short of the best culinary experience I’ve had so far. It’s a blend of amazingly light textures, bursts of flavours and surprising presentations. Many say that 1800 in Oia is the best restaurant on the island and while I think it’s great, it can’t hold a candle to this new restaurant that is leagues ahead of anything else on the island.

Seleni ( in Pyrgos. This is Santorini’s quintessential farm to table fine dining restaurant. I first discovered Selini about 10 years ago when it was in downtown Fira, now it’s on a high point on the island in a little village called Pyrgos. The bus will take you there and with Santorini’s new more modern buses you can dress up for one of the best meals on the island.

Sea Side by Notos ( Perivolos Beach. This is an exciting place to be with white washed benches and boat-lounges, extreme design and even more extreme food presentation on the plate – and it’s extremely delicious! Just to sit on the beach lounges and sip on a chilled cocktail surveying the sea is a job I wouldn’t pass up.

Nichteri at Kamari beach was recommended to me but I never made it there. I'm planning to back in the summer of 2012, if anyone is interested incoming along, I know the best places to stay, eat, drink - and oh yea, shop!