Sunday, October 31, 2010

O & B Canteen
I'm in Toronto at O & B Canteen, a casual eaterie on KIng St West. What a great place! WonderfuL atmosphere! Casual, refreshing. Ordered the Thai coleslaw and it was eye popping good. Israeli cous cous was a bit boring, my take is that if it was just slightly warm the flavours would be much much better. Actually, I predict they would be eye-popping great! Entree was lamb gnocchi another really bland dish but the Calabrese pizza hit a home run. Dessert could't be better, light as a cloud, freshly lemony perfect!

Check it out it really is a fantastic place and my guess is that they will have the food sorted out soon enough.

Tomorrow is the Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit and I'm looking forward to discovering what's new in local food across the province!